SZA: Top 10 Best Style & Fashion Moments

2017 has been SZA’s year. Though most of us (we’re looking at you, all of America) can’t quite relate to a year of highs and wins, SZA experienced a major professional breakthrough into mainstream, making her way to the top of Billboard and Spotify’s charts and gaining a ton of buzz on social media for her songwriting skills.

As SZA, born Solana Rowe, has taken her rightful place in the public’s musical consciousness, she’s also gained some positive attention for her unconventional sense of style. She rocks a wardrobe full of ’90s and ’00s throwbacks, each enviably vintage and effortlessly comfy. She also mixes elements of masculinity and femininity in her looks, taking tomboyish items and making them sexy with the help of shorter lengths, glittery rhinestones or plunging necklines.

Her style is an extension of her music, personifying the dichotomy of the complexly layered masculinity and femininity that she writes of. She’ll rock sexy lingerie, express her lust and feature soft, beautiful butterflies, but she’ll also leave you high, dry and ready for murder, as shown in the “Love Galore” music video, which was inspired by Misery.

No matter your own sense of personal style, SZA’s fashion can be easily replicated with only a few easy touches. You could throw on an oversized flannel with a short dress or just stick on a pair of small, colorful ’90s shades with a casual track pant and graphic t-shirt. The main element is comfort. The only other thing you need is another listen to CTRL. It may not be everyone’s year, but SZA’s style can help make it your day.

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