5 Things We Learned About Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. From Serena Williams’ Video


Serena Williams posted the first photo of her newborn daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. and she is about the cutest thing ever. Serena posted a compilation video of her pregnancy leading up to Alexis’ birth. The video was heartwarming and gave us mere mortals a look into her personal life and relationship with her fiancé Alexis Ohanian. Serena’s pregnancy video gave us so much insight about her newborn.

Here’s what we learned from the video.

1. Serena was eight weeks pregnant when she won the Australian Open

With my Wilson…ready for you Oz. @wilsontennis @australianopen

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Serena took home the 2017 Australian Open Grand Slam title for women’s singles after defeating her own sister Venus Williams for the title. It was her seventh Wimbledon title and 23rd Grand Slam singles title. It was also the first time she ever won the Australian Open without losing a single set. But little did all us fans know, Serena was eight weeks pregnant. That’s why at the end of her video she said Alexis Jr. already has one Grand Slam Title.

2. Alexis Jr. had birth complications

In the video Serena said that her and Alexis Jr. had to stay at the hospital for six to seven days after she was born. She hinted that there were complications but didn’t get into too many details about what happened. We are so happy that both of them happy and healthy.

3. Alexis Jr. is a Virgo

… but are you ready?

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Alexis Jr. was born September 1 so that means she’s a Virgo. Virgos strengths are loyal, kind, hardworking and practical while their weaknesses are shyness, worry and being over critical. Serena is a Libra and Alexis is a Taurus.

4. She has two siblings already

thanks @missionathlete no one wants a hot dog 🌭❄️

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Serena and Alexis have two dogs which they are calling her brother and sister. Alexis even practiced his swaddling technique on one of their dogs.

5. Alexis Jr. already has an Instagram

Alexis Jr. isn’t even a month old and she probably already has more followers than you. Her handle is with her middle name Olympia because her dad already has the handle @AlexisOhanian. So are we going to be calling the newborn Alexis, Junior or Olympia?

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