People Really Want To Hook Up With The Creepy Clown From ‘It’

I really don’t know how to put this or explain this, but people are sexually attracted to Pennywise, the creepy villain clown from It. I don’t get it. A scary shapeshifting clown who hides in the sewers is being labeled hot. I just can’t. The world needs a mass cleanse of our sins. This is too big of a burden to bear. Pennywise feeds on fear and I am FEARFUL of these people who want to bone this clown.

This isn’t the first time Pennywise has been the center of attention. The photo of him from the 90s movie, peering out from a sewer, was memed for being creepy and evil. But now Pennywise is being sexualized! For reference this is what the clown looks like.

Besides the whole clown get-up, do they not see the receding hair line or that weird hair style? That big forehead isn’t and shouldn’t be appealing to anyone.

I think part of the Pennywise attraction is that people think the actor who plays Pennywise, Bill Skardgård is hot. But also I don’t want to rationalize their logic for wanting to get it on with an evil clown. Any clown for that matter, but an evil killing one…NO THANKS.

If you can stomach it. Uh, here are some tweets from people who want to get all sorts of personal with the It clown.

Welcome to the other side my friends. Here are some tweets hating on people who want to hook up with a killer clown to cleanse your eyes and soul.

I hope those tweets made you feel better. Let’s all join hands and pray for those who are attracted to Pennywise, they need us now more than ever.

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