Sarah Hyland Boyfriends 2021: Who Is Sarah Dating Now?

Sarah Hyland is a 26-year-old American actress who is famous for her role in Modern Family which has been an ongoing career between 1996 and today and her former roles on Disney Channel. The star has done extremely well for herself and not entering the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

Hyland had to have a kidney transplant back in 2012 due to a struggle with kidney dysplasia. Over the past year, her health has suffered and her fans have noticed, many commenting on her extreme weight loss. The star took to Twitter to defend herself against the haters, reminding them that she has been on bed rest and has lost all of her muscle mass. The condition has been difficult for her considering she loves to work on her strength, so being prohibited to hit the gym took a toll on her mental health as well, but she had a few men in her life to help her through the tough times.

Here are the men in Sarah Hyland’s life.

Max Ehrich 2007 – 2008


These high school sweethearts dated for about a year beginning in 2007. The couple split just as Hyland was beginning to make a name for herself in Hollywood, but Hyland helped Ehrich find an agent so he could land future roles such as in Ugly Betty and High School Musical 3. 

Matt Prokop 2009 – 2014


Hyland dated this wannabe Troy Bolton for five years and because it was the prime age for Disney Channel, it was hard not to obsess over the couple, but eventually, Hyland revealed that Prokop was abusive and she was unable to remain in the relationship. She got a restraining order after sharing her difficult story.

Ansel Elgort 2014


Allegedly, Hyland met the Fault In Our Stars actor at her birthday party. Elgort came to the party and fans were super confused after Hyland posted a Snapchat of the two. It’s still unknown if the romance was ever official, but we hope so.

Dominic Sherwood 2014 – 2017


This couple was probably one of Hollywood’s cutest but its least acknowledged. They called it quits after just under three years of being in love. It was a relatively quiet split according to a source from E! News who said, “It’s genuinely mutual and amicable and they truly remain friends.” The couple met on the set of Vampire Academy and were pretty serious. They both got matching arrow tattoos and share two dogs and a cat. Sherwood stepped up recently to defend his girlfriend after all the hate she received on Twitter. I guess sometimes relationships just don’t work out.


After breaking up with Dominic, Sarah Hyland is dating Wells Adams and made their relationship Instagram official last year.


Sarah Hyland is dating Wells Adams, and according to Wells, an engagement is definitely going to take place.

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