Mandy Moore Boyfriends 2019: Who Is Mandy Dating Now?

Mandy Moore is a 33-year-old American actress and singer who stars in the hit heartfelt, tearjerker This Is Us. Moore’s career started in the late ’90s but took off in the early 2000s with hit songs like “Candy” and “In My Pocket.” Moore has really kept to herself and attempted to remain out of the negative spotlight, saying that she really values her privacy.

Moore has starred in some of our favorite movies, including A Walk To Remember, Saved and the beloved Disney classic Rapunzel.

Even though she keeps to herself that doesn’t mean the star hasn’t been dating and it’s quite an eclectic bunch. Here are the men in Mandy Moore’s life.

Wilmer Valderrama 2000 – 2002


This was a serious relationship for Moore, but it didn’t last very long. After this breakup, Valderrama went on-the-record with the media to talk about taking Moore’s virginity. Very tacky on his part. He later apologized for the incident.

Billy Crawford 2002


You might not recognize him, but Crawford is well-known for singing the famous Pokemon theme song. Crawford claimed that he dated Moore in 2002 for about a year, saying that his mother was very strict and this took a toll on their courtship. Moore protested that their relationship was shorter than he alleged and that they dated when she was only 15.

Andy Roddick 2002 – 2004


Moore also dated this tennis star. Roddick wanted to marry Moore, but she wanted to pursue her career and explore new projects abefore getting hitched. That’s not why they broke up, though. There was a reported strain on their relationship because of their constant traveling. They eventually broke up, but remain good friends.

Zach Braff 2004 – 2006


No one knows why these two split, but this breakup inspired a lot of Moore’s songs for her Wild Hope album. She didn’t pull a Taylor Swift, but the songs were definitely emotional. For his part, Braff said that his relationship with Moore wasn’t good and that he didn’t like it.

Ryan Adams 2007 – 2015


Moore dated the indie rocker for two years before they were finally married. They kept their relationship very private for the most part. Unfortunately, this marriage didn’t last and the two separated in 2015, with their divorce reaching its final stages in 2016.

In 2019, Moore claimed that Adams was emotionally and psychologically abusive to her during their relationship. She alongside six other women recounted their stories to the New York Times.

Taylor Goldsmith 2015 – Present

Moore and Goldsmith started dating after she split from Adams and they’ve been together ever since. The couple got married in 2018. We’re happy for you, Moore and we’re sure there’s more love to come.

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