5 High-Paying Jobs You Can Snag Without A College Degree

College isn’t for everyone. Even though it’s the norm in America, the reality is that college is tough and not a necessity. High education is a privilege that isn’t accessible to everyone. Not only is it educational tough and time consuming, but expensive! Just applying to schools and taking the proper tests can set someone back hundred’s of dollars.

A lot of people go to college because it sets them up for a bright and high-paying career. But there are plenty of high-paying jobs for people without college degrees. Monster PayRight and PayFactors collected data from more than 2,000 American employers to find what are the highest paid jobs that don’t require a bachelor’s degree.

1. Janitorial managers


Median annual salary: $93,500

This is more than your average custodian. A janitorial manager is responsible for organizing the maintenance and clean up of the workspace and building. They also plan the budget for supplies. The role’s strengths are leadership, teamwork and being a problem solver.

2. Shop service managers


Median annual salary: $93,400

This career is a hit or miss with the need for a bachelor’s degree. It depends on the employer, but if you have experience working in a car shop before you should be fine. The shop service manager oversees the entire shop’s team of technicians and mechanics. The role requires having good customer service skills, knowledge of the industry and a squeaky clean driving record.

3. Aircraft mechanics


Median annual salary: $85,200

According to Monster the only thing required to be an aircraft mechanic is a high school diploma, an internship and anywhere four to six years of experience. So lots of experience is needed but not necessarily a bachelor degree. Being an aircraft mechanic is a super important role because they are the people who inspect the plane to make sure it meeds FAA, Federal Aviation Administration standards.

4. Grinders


Median annual salary: $69,500

No this isn’t a job at Grindr. Grinders are highly skilled technician’s who operates machines that smooth and polish manufactured goods. The position calls for acute sense of detail and lots of skill. Grinders a responsible for the quality of the final product.

5. Instrument technicians


Median annual salary: $69,200

These technicians roles are to oversee the installing, monitoring and maintaining of all production equipment. Being an instrument technician requires a lot of communication skills, leadership and problem solving abilities. Also being familiar with the instruments is a plus.

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