Ashley Graham Called Out Rihanna For Her Lack Of Model Diversity

Ashley Graham isn’t afraid to call it like she see’s it, even if that means she is criticizing Rihanna. The plus-size model is commenting on the lack of size diversity at Rihanna’s Fenty Puma fashion show.

New York fall fashion week this year showcased 27 plus-sized models, which is an increased from last year’s 16 models and huge increase from two years ago 6 plus-size models. Even though the number’s are going up when it comes to plus-size model it is a slow increase.

She told Yahoo! Beauty that seeing runways without plus-size models is sad, ” It’s funny to me, because I’ll look at runways and think, I’d look so great in those clothes, or I know curvy women who would look so great in those clothes.”

Ashley, who is a champion for size diversity on the runway called out shows who lacked body type diversity. “I was at Fenty, and that was an amazing show. But how dope would it have been to see some curves on the runway?” Fenty wasn’t the only line she criticized. The model also named Baja East and Philipp Plein for not hiring plus-size models.

Rihanna is typically a champion for diversity and representation. Personally, I was shocked that there weren’t any plus-size models walking next to Fenty’s pink sand mountains. Even though The Navy might jump down Ashley’s throat for her comment’s it is important to hold people accountable. Yes, Rihanna just dropped the most inclusive makeup line ever but body inclusivity is still important.

Here’s to hoping more plus-size women are hired for the next fashion week.

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