Celebrate National Gymnastics Day With These Hilarious Memes & Jokes

I think I stand with a large number of people when I say that I can barely touch my toes, my arms crack when I try to lift them over my head and I complain if I have to walk too far to get where I’m going.

Today is the 19th annual National Gymnastics Day. All gymnasts, coaches and fans are encouraged to celebrate the rigorous sport and encourage fitness around the globe. The superhuman men and women who are able to flip over bars and bend in ways that seems impossibly painful for most of us, deserve a day where we can honor their tremendous strength, agility, flexibility, coordination and endurance.

Especially with role models like Simone Biles, it’s hard not to appreciate such an inspirational industry. With her intense training schedule and pure talent, she has won a total of nineteen Olympic and World Championship medals taking over the top spot from American gymnast Shannon Miller. She became the sixth woman to have one an individual title at both the World Championships and the Olympic Games. Biles set an American record for most gold medals in woman’s gymnastics at a single Games. Let’s keep in mind that she’s only 20 years old.

Celebrate National Gymnastics Day with some physical fitness, sending congratulations to our hard-working gymnast friends and of course some funny internet memes because can we really celebrate a national holiday without them?

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