Donald Glover Net Worth 2018: How Much Is Donald Worth Right Now?

You might recognize him from Community and SpiderMan: Homecoming, but his career goes pretty far back. Donald McKinley Glover is an American actor with a hefty resume. On top of acting, he’s a well-known writer, producer, director, comedian, rapper and singer/songwriter. You might have heard of him under the stage name Childish Gambino. Personally, I’ll always remember him for my favorite Community meme.

Glover was born on September 25, 1983, at the Edwards Air Force Base in California. He was later raised in Stone Mountain, Georgia by his mother and father. Although he was raised as a Jehova’s witness, Glover doesn’t practice the religion. He attended the DeKalb School of the Arts in Georgia and later graduated from the New York Tisch School of the Arts with a degree in dramatic writing in 2006. From there, his exciting career as an actor, writer, comedian and musician began.

Donald Glover’s Estimated Net Worth as of 2018: $12 Million

How did he make his millions? Let’s find out.

2006 – 2012

After graduating from the New York Tisch School of Arts, Glover started sending writing samples out to potential clients. David Miner and Tina Fey was impressed with Glover’s scripts and invited him to work as a writer for NBC’s series 30 Rock. He went on to work on the show between 2006-2009 and even had cameo appearances every now and then. Glover eventually received the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Comedy series in 2009.

Aside from working as a writer, Glover continued working on his music career under his stage name, Childish Gambino. He released an independent album, Sick Boi, in 2008.

Glover also started working on his career as a comedian. One of his big breaks was during his time on NBC’s comedy series Community, where he played the character Troy Barnes. Despite his popularity on the show, Glover left sometime during season five to pursue other projects.

Around this time, Glover wanted to expand his career as a musician while also doing some comedy shows on the side. He performed on Comedy Central and also began work on an LP, according to TheHipHopUpdate. He released his debut studio album, Camp, in 2011 and announced his Camp Gambino tour in November that year.

2013 – 2014

Following the success of his growing music career, Glover started straying away from Community and signed onto Atlanta, a music-themed show by FX. The main reason he chose FX over other TV networks that were eager to pick him up was because FX was willing to work around his busy touring schedule.

It was a good thing they were so accommodating because Glover later announced that his second studio album, Because the Internet, was officially complete as of October 2013. He launched his Deep Web Tour in early 2014, which was scheduled to start in the UK and eventually make its way to the US. He later went on to collaborate with Ubisoft, where they incorporated his song “Crawl” into their game Far Cry 4.

2015 – Present

2015 brought on more rewards for Glover’s success over the years. He won an mtvU Woodies award for his song “Sober.” FX’s Atlanta was also nominated and won a Golden Globe award for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy. Glover also won Best Actor and Outstanding Director for his work on that show.

Glover didn’t stray too far from the silver screens. He played Aaron Davis in SpiderMan: Homecoming and was later confirmed to play Lando Calrissian in an upcoming Han Solo film slated for release sometime in 2018.

Despite his big strides as Childish Gambino, Glover revealed that he might be putting an end to his rap career. Glover told audiences that attended the 2017 Governor’s Ball “I’ll see you for the last Gambino album” before leaving the stage. He later confirmed on an interview for Atlanta that he felt that his career as a musician was “no longer necessary.”


Donald Glover’s girlfriend Michelle has given birth to their second child.

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