Instagram FINALLY Added A Feature So You Can See Who Follows You Back

Instagram is one of the last social media platforms to add a feature that easily shows users who is following them back. It is about time Instagram! Before this update, people who were determined to see who was following them back would have to go to that person’s profile and search through their following for their account.

But now when you visit someone’s profile a little “follows you” shows up under their URL part of their profile. I truly blessed update. Even though I am thankful for this update I did spend my Sunday night searching through my following and unfollowing people who didn’t follow me back. It took a lot of time and effort but my ratio has never looked better. I can’t wait to cut down my unfollowing time in half.

This small update will be a game changer for Instagram. It’s shocking it hasn’t happened sooner considering so many people have complained about it and Twitter has had this feature for years now. The app added this update rather quietly. It took awhile for people to notice but once they did they were more than ecstatic about it.

Instagram only updated for Android users right now and will most likely update when Apple’s new iOS drops later this fall.

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