Melania Trump’s Image Is Being Used To Sell English Classes

Turns out that Melania Trump is doing more than just starting a Twitter firestorm over her footwear. The First Lady’s image is being used to promote Croatia’s American Institute’s English classes.

The billboards show an image of Melanie from the Republican National Convention with, “Just image how far you can go with a little bit of English.” The Institute’s communication manager, Ivis Buric told CNBC in an email that Melania wasn’t chosen as a political statement but rather her popularity.


Ivis wrote that Melania is “the most recognized emigrant to the U.S. from this region.” Melania is from Slovenia, which is Croatia’s neighboring country. The Institute bought five billboards and introduced their new campaign on their Twitter.

They are trying to convince Croatian’s to learn English before emigrating to English speaking countries, which most of them do. “The campaign aims to promote the American Institute as a place to learn English, find out about educational opportunities in the U.S., and participate in American-oriented events,” Ivis wrote.

It’s also really funny because the image used is from the speech she gave at the Republican National Convention. That speech was famously plagiarized from former First Lady Michelle Obama.

The billboard is an illustration of Melanie from a local artist. But it hasn’t been stated if Melania approved of her image being used to promote the English classes. Either way there is no denying that she is the most well known emigrate from that area.

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