The Official Power Ranking Of The Main Characters Of ‘Gossip Girl,’ 10 Years Later

Hey there, Upper Eastsiders. It’s been exactly a decade since the premiere of Gossip Girl and we’re really missing our favorite New York City clique right now.

We all know that the show had its queen bee with Blair, but there were other power players taking over the Met steps as well. From Lonely Boy to Gossip Girl herself, here are our rankings for the very best characters in the cast.

1. Dorota Kishlovsky

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Let’s face it: we all loved Dorota. Not only was she the only who could get Blair Waldorf listen to reason, but she was sweet and she actually held more cards than she thought she did. Dorota wasn’t just the maid to the Waldorf household, she was a mother figure to Blair when her own mother wasn’t. We also know that the maids know everything.

2. Blair Waldorf

You knew this was coming. She was the queen bee of the Upper East Side. Everyone wanted to be her and raid her closet. She’s fallen from grace a few times, but she always knew how to bounce back.

3. Jenny Humphrey

Not a fan favorite, but Jenny makes this list for a couple of reasons: 1) She challenged Blair Waldorf more than once. 2) She stole Nate Archibald. 3) She was actually the queen bee for a little while before losing her crown.

4. Serena van der Woodsen

Serena was definitely a party girl, but she doesn’t just make this list because she was Blair’s best friend. She makes the list because she was the “girl next door” of the Upper East Side. Blair and Serena had more than one falling out because of Blair’s jealousy. Serena lost her way a few times but she always seemed to bounce back on top.

5. Chuck Bass

Chuck was the heir to his father’s company and fortune. He was first Blair’s fling, then her boyfriend and then he turned into one of the most disliked characters on the show. He had the power to break Blair’s heart more than once, but redeemed himself when he almost went broke paying for Blair’s dowery to Prince Louis when that relationship went south.

6. Georgina Sparks

She had to make this list. Girl was conniving. She could come up with things that put Blair to shame. Sometimes it was even a little scary how far she would go. Georgina had everyone shook when she would pop up in town, and for good reason. It was to the point that everyone would do everything in their power to get rid of her.

7. Nate Archibald

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We loved him because he came from a broken home, but Nate wasn’t a typical spoiled rich kid. He was forced to make his own way in the world through high school. Of course he ran through the girls on the Upper East Side, but eventually, Nate figured it out. He was also Chuck’s best friend, and some of that evil power was passed on down to him.

8. Vanessa Abrams

Vaness was Dan’s best friend and then his fling. That was a disaster. Vanessa makes this list because she was dragged into the drama of the Upper East Side. She tried to play it innocent a few times, but she was more than capable of doing things to get her way.

9. Dan Humphrey

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Dan only makes this list because he was Gossip Girl.

10. Lily van der Woodsen

Lily made the cut because she proved more than once that moms step in when you mess with one of their kids. Sure, she’s made some bad decisions time and time again, but she’s proved herself worthy by taking down anyone who messes with her babies.

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