This High School Student’s Racist Pep Rally Sign Is Causing Immense Backlash


An image of a high school student holding a “Put the panic back in Hispanic” sign at Robertsdale High School’s pep rally is making the rounds on the internet. The Alabama student is standing next to another student holding a Trump flag and a student dressed up as the schools mascot.

For obvious reasons people are criticizing the student’s poster and dubbing it as racist. Jennifer Lopez, a student at Robertsdale High didn’t appreciate the racist sign. “That’s just disrespectful. That’s just ignorant,” Jennifer told WPMI. “I really don’t see a point in why they did that because there’s really not that many Hispanics really in our school, and they knew it was like Hispanic month.”

The school is looking into the incident and the student involved. Baldwin County Superintendent, Eddie Tyler said in a statement that they do not condone the racist language. The issue has become so serious that the girl holding the sign had her lawyer issue a statement for her.

A copy of the letter was sent to WKRG and the school board. In the letter she says that her sign was not meant to be racist and “was not meant for it to be taken that way.” She went on to explain how Robertsdale was playing the Spanish Fort Toros and the sign was mean to incite panic in the Toros. She then related Spanish to Hispanic and that is where her racist sign was born.

The girl then wrote how badly people were reacting to her sign so she left it in her friends car, who then brought it into the rally. Either way she is still pictured holding the sign and smiling. She apologized for her actions, but also states her right to free speech. The student also mentions how she isn’t racist because half of her family is Hispanic.

Even though she apologized for her sign she doesn’t fully take ownership for her actions or understands hows the sign is racist. She just keeps stating how other people thought it was racist and trying not affiliate herself as a racist.

The photo was originally posted on Instagram with the caption “Put the Panic back in Hispanic. #dontgetbutthurt I’m honeslty not gunna care if you do anyways so #sorryboutit.” It seems like she has had a change of heart after all the negative racist attention.

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