These Teens Took Their Homecoming Photos At IKEA Out Of All Places

Homecoming photos are a vital memory in most people’s high school journey. Typically, they’re taken at someone’s house who has a large backyard and perfect staircase for photos. But these teens switched it up and opted out of the classic down the stairs photo opt and took their homecoming photos at IKEA.

This high school group of friends from Frisco, Texas solidified their love for the Swedish furniture brand with an epic photoshoot. Megan Goulding, who tweeted out their iconic Ikea photos talked to Yahoo about how this photoshoot idea was created. “A few weeks ago when we started planning homecoming, we were trying to find out where to take our pictures, and one of the boys, Hayden Mcfarland, said ‘IKEA’ as a joke.”

But Hayden’s joke was taken seriously and soon the whole group was on board. It also happens that Megan’s mom, Shandee Goulding is a professional photographer. Their photo’s look more like the promotional shots for an IKEA reality TV show rather than homecoming photos.

“We didn’t want to do tradition pictures, because we wanted to be different,” Megan elaborated. “Everyone just goes to a park and stand by some trees, but we didn’t want to do that this year.” The photos turned out fire. They even took pictures inside with the furniture displays. People thought they were models for IKEA’s catalog.

I have a feeling that funny homecoming photos are the new prom-posals. Just make sure you have a professional photographer and killer lighting.

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