A Fifth Grader Was Asked To Justify The KKK’s Action For An Assignment

A Facebook post about a fifth grader’s homework has gone viral. This boy’s homework was to answer a question justifying the Klu Klux Klan’s actions towards African American people. The question reads, “You are there…You are a member of the KKK. Why do you think your treatment of African Americans is justified?”

The boy’s uncle, Tremain Cooper shared his nephew’s homework on Facebook. In his post he said that his nephew is “home crying right now” over this question. He asks, “How can she ask a fifth grader to justify the actions of the KKK?” In his post he asks for help sharing the story. He also said, “We are contacting everybody from the school to the media.”

His nephew’s South Carolina elementary school, Oak Pointe Elementary has responded to the teacher’s homework. She is currently placed on administrative leave. They are looking into the homework and investigating the teacher. In Tremain’s Facebook post he claims the teacher is Kerri Roberts.

Based on the photo that Tremain shared, the homework also asks the students the purpose and motivation of the KKK along with their effects on African Americans. They were also asked to illustrate something about the KKK but it isn’t clear of what. The assignment also asks the students, “You are there…you are a freedman. Are you satisfied with your new life? Why or why not?”

In another statment the school says that the standard for South Carolina fifth grade “require lessons on Reconstruction and discriminatory groups including the KKK. We must teach the standard, but we are taking steps to ensure this particular assignment will never be used again in District Five schools.”

The teacher has yet to make a comment but lots of people are commenting on Tremain’s post. There are lots of opinions being posted about how the teacher is just inciting critical discussion of that era, while others agree with Tremain thinking it’s appalling she would ask her students to rationalize and think like a KKK member.

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