Brigham Young University Ended Their Ban On Caffeine Sodas & Students Are Rejoicing

Brigham Young University just announced that the campus has finally ended its ban on selling caffeinated soft drinks. This may seem strange that a college campus had a ban on caffeinated soda, but BYU is a Mormon college and caffeine is against BYU’s strict honor code, until now.

Students at BYU are losing their minds that the ban is finally over. Students are celebrating by openly drinking caffeinated sodas on campus. Even student’s who didn’t have class or are online students drove to campus to partake in the campuses historic caffeinated day. Seriously, they are going all out to celebrate soda.

BYU said that the addition of caffeinated soft drinks is because they want to accommodate the needs of their students. In their statement it says the decision to add to their soda selection was not finically influenced.

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Either way, students are stoked to be openly and freely consuming copious amounts of bubbly caffeine in the daylight. As opposed to smuggling the illegal beverage in the middle of the night and quickly chugging it in their rooms unbeknownst to anyone else.

BYU’s honor code still has bans on coffee, tea, energy drinks, alcohol, premarital sex, profanity, homosexuality and beards. Some student’s are not happy about the change in policy at BYU and think that caffeinated soda’s is going to open the floodgate for change.

You never know!

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