This Dog Is Helping Save Lives From Mexico’s Recent Devastating Earthquake

Los Angele Times

Mexico City suffered a devastating earthquake that according to NPR, has killed at least 273 people. People aren’t the only ones working desperately to save lives trapped underneath fallen rubble. Frida, a yellow Labrador, is the star of the Mexican navy Canine Unit and has saved dozens of lives.

Frida’s resume is impressive. The 7-year-old lab has detected 52 people and saved 12 lives from various natural disasters. Frida has been deployed to areas affected by the earthquake to lend her impressive talents. Frida’s job is tiring and not everyone she finds is alive, but recovering bodies is a huge job.

Frida is currently helping out at the Enrique Rebsamen school, which collapsed from the quake. According to the Los Angeles Times she is there with two other rescue dogs, Evil and Echo. Evil and Echo, who are both a year and a half old, go in first and if they find anything they call Frida and she confirms it. Her handler, Israel Arauz Salinas says that she doesn’t spend more than 20 minutes inside.

Search dogs are important because they can crawl into spaces that humans can’t. Typically they search places with ceilings that are less than 20 inches high. When Frida is working she wears protective shoes, a vest and goggles.

Frida has a huge fan base in Mexico and it’s only growing.

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