A Florida Hotel Rescued Nearly 1,000 Dogs From Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma devastated southern Florida and left Floridians with a huge clean up. but what lots of people don’t know, who don’t regularly deal with hurricane’s is that most people have to leave their pets when the evacuate. It’s rare to find a hotel or shelter to accommodate.

But the Hyatt Regency Orlando opened their heart and doors and let evacuees and their pets stay at the hotel. The hotel is typically dog friendly but this is above and beyond the hotel’s standard.

The hotel said they welcomed over 900 dogs and other types of pets. There were a few cats staying at the hotel, so don’t worry cat people. The hotel was packed with 4,500 staying in the building. Including hotel employees and their families as well as Florida Power & Light workers who are helping restore electricity to millions.

The marketing manager, Katie Satava told The Dodo that the hotel even lowered their pet cleaning fee.  The standard fee was $150 but for the hurricane he adjusted it to $50 so it could be more affordable for families.  Katie noted the other accommodations the hotel made for their furry residents, “We have dog-walking stations located in areas outside of our hotel, but with the winds and heavy rains we conveniently moved these stations to right outside of the lobby doors, beyond the valet, for guests tot take their animals out with minimal effects from the elements.”

If the hotel didn’t open up their doors to all of these pets they would have either been left behind or dropped off at a shelter. They truly did rescue pets from dying or being separated from their families.

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