This Dog’s Hurricane Harvey Rescue Story Will Hit You In The Feels

Hurricane Harvey is wrecking havoc in southeast Texas. Houston is flooded right now and the pictures are truly a sight to be seen.

Because of the flooding people are seeking shelter. Most evacuation centers don’t allow pets in no matter how cute. So pets are being abandoned in devastating weather, but Lucky’s conditions were far worst than most pets.

Daily Mail

A Daily Mail photographer spotted Lucky, a small dog, still on her leash while tethered to a pole. The dog was trying to stay afloat above the rising waters, but being tied up was causing complications.

Daily Mail

The photographer, Ruaridh Connellan rushed across the flood water and untied the dog and brought her to safer and dry grounds. Ruaridh said Lucky was left outside her owners trailer that they fled.

Lucky then brought Ruaridh to other animals tied up around the trailer park. There was a pitbull who was on a longer leash than Lucky, two cats and a small pony. The animals have all been reported to animal control.

Daily Mail

Ruaridh went back and visited Lucky and brought her food and water to drink. If possible, he plans on adopting Lucky after the flooding passes. But if you know who’s dog this is Daily Mail is asking for people to reach out and identify the owners for a reunion.

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