Police Request That You NOT Call About A Decapitated Body If It’s At This Man’s House

‘Tis the season of frights and terror, but residents of Greene County were given quite the early scare after witnessing a gruesome sight.

Joseph Lovergive, a Greeneville resident, is no Halloween pushover. It may only be September, but Lovergive was keen on starting his Halloween decoration early for the sake of a joke that may have gone a bit too far. His neighbor, Johnny Riddle, was passing by Lovergive’s house one day before reporting what seemed to be a dead body trapped underneath a garage door.

“I thought it was somebody,” Riddle told WJHL. “I thought it was somebody laying up there on the driveway.”

The Greene County Sheriff’s Department raced to the scene after receiving a call before determining that the body was actually a gruesomely accurate decoration. The clothes were stuffed with the paper while the blood was simply food coloring mixed with hair gel. They later shared a photo of the display on their Facebook page and requested that residents driving along Chuckey Pike NOT to report a dead body.

“When the police came they pulled the boot off to make sure there wasn’t a person in there,” Lovergive told news reporters. “This was actually starting out as a joke because when I have my Halloween party I was actually gonna dress up under there after everyone’s seen it for so long, And then when they come out to get drinks or something I’d pop out under the garage door and scare everybody!”

After learning the truth behind the gruesome scene, Riddle was relieved to know that it was only decoration rather than a real corpse in a driveway. Others had mixed feelings regarding the incidents. Some were impressed with his dedication and passion towards Halloween. Others commented on how morbid and inappropriate it was for the community. And some called him out on how unrealistic his setup was.

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Lovergive is planning on adding more to his Halloween decor was the holiday draws near. Hopefully his morbid sense of humor won’t be lost on his neighbors, but you can’t win them all I suppose.

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