Move Over Skeleton Makeup, This Year’s Halloween Trend Is ‘Faceless’ Makeup

It’s almost Halloween which means all your favorite makeup artists will be dropping Halloween makeup tutorials that will truly scare and mesmerize your friends. Last year’s skeleton face swept the nation. Even Kylie Jenner got in on the action.

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Makeup artists and beauty YouTuber’s are thinking outside the box for this years Halloween makeup trend and Mimi Choi has hit the nail on the head. The professional makeup artists who specializes in illusionist makeup created a “faceless” makeup look that will make your brain explode.

The power of makeup! In the post she lists the products she used and wrote that the look took 1.5 hours to create. The faceless makeup was inspired by Salvador Dali’s bronze sculpture Surrealist Newton.

The sculpture is of Newton with a hole in his face, abdomen and chest. It looks like he’s walking and playing with a yo-yo. If you look closely at Mimi’s photo you can see some of her facial feature. Her eyelid is visible on the right where the red depth of the hole is and you can see her lips and nose if you look carefully.

To prove that the original photo isn’t photoshopped she posted a second time of a video of her in the makeup. I am getting haunted house vibes from these videos, like when the eyes on a painting move.

Mimi pulls a lot of her trippy makeup ideas from artists. She has another look that look inspired by Dali’s melting clocks.

Would this count as a squiggle brow?

If you’re looking for some much needed Halloween makeup inspiration you have to creep through Mimi’s Instagram page.

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