In Honor Of American Business Women’s Day, Check Out These 5 Female-Owned Businesses

It’s American Business Women’s Day, so ladies, now let’s get in formation. Females have proven that there’s nothing we can’t do, as evidence with female business owners and CEOs. It’s no easy feat and in the workforce, women time and time again deal with underrepresentation and double standards. In recent years in the United States, stats for female-owned businesses have been on the rise, though there’s still a long way to go.

We currently live in a time where women don’t just have try their best, they have to work twice as hard as counterparts to be taken seriously or prove their commitment to their careers. Amidst stereotypes and high glass ceilings, these are, just a few, of our favorite women-owned businesses that have found well-deserved success.


Maybe you were on it less than an hour ago, looking at new matches or replying to messages. Love them or hate them, dating apps have probably been on all of our phones at some point, whether you downloaded them only to delete them, only to re-download again.  Bumble was founded by Whitney Wolfe, who co-founded Tinder, but left and subsequently created Bumble. If it was because of Bumble that you got over your fear of messaging first on dating apps, you owe it to Whitney.


A site you’ve probably been on to purchase 5k and concert tickets, Eventbrite began as a startup, co-founded by couple Julia Hartz and Kevin Hartz. Since its launch, according to Mashable, its raised $1 billion in ticket sales and is currently available in eight languages.


Holy grail makeup brand Glossier was founded by Emily Weiss, who, at one point, was adverse to makeup. With roots at Vogue, Emily steered into entrepreneurship and turned her blog, “Into the Gloss,” into Glossier. Known for its natural, minimalistic makeup products and skincare emphasis, Glossier is perfect for those want to achieve that “no makeup makeup” look.

The RealReal

If you enjoy eBay and luxury goods, the RealReal is your shopping heaven. It’s your choice if you want to be a buyer or seller, buying, or getting rid of that Louis Vuitton tote is just a few clicks away. Founded by Julie Wainwright, who’s also the CEO, the RealReal brings you closer to buying discounted goods or receiving a bit of profit. Wainwright has been successful since the start of her career, having become CEO of Berkeley Systems at the age of 30 to becoming CEO of sites Reel and Pets later on.

Urban Decay

You know which one, it’s the brand of almost all of your eyeshadow palettes you have stashed in your makeup drawer upstairs. Cofounded by Wende Zomnir and Sandy Lerner, the pair turned Urban Decay into an international success all due to the fact that they didn’t find their current makeup market innovative. According to Cosmopolitan, after a little bit of experimenting in a makeshift lab in Zomnir’s kitchen, the two launched with a number of nail polishes and lipsticks. In just a few decades, Urban Decay transformed the makeup industry and swept the nation, and was literally swept onto eyelids everywhere.

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