According To A New Study, Bosses Think Women Should Have A Strict Workplace Dress Code

When will women’s outfits stop being policed? According to a new study done by, it’s not anytime soon.

The study showed that one in every four women has been warned about their appearance in the office. The most frequent complaints are about too much makeup and skirt length.

The research about shows that 35% of managers think that females are a distraction to their male co-workers. Deeming women as a distraction is sexist and trying to monitor their clothing to help their “distracted” co-workers is sexist, too.

Men in the workplace are rarely, I would go so far as to say EVER, penalized or even talked to about their office appearance. Maybe someone is dressing too casually for a business office. But by no means would they be penalized.

Trying to police women’s clothing and saying they are a distraction also feeds into the hyper-sexualization of women’s bodies. Dress codes are just a cover up for sexism in the workplace.

Recently the LPGA came under fire for imposing a strict dress code on female golfers while the men don’t have a strict dress code to follow.

Just stop being so concerned about what women are wearing and focus on their accomplishments.


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