Dua Lipa Boyfriends 2023: Who Is Dua Dating Now?

Dua Lipa is a star on the rise. She’s slated to take over the pop scene and she’s already gotten a grip on the charts in the U.K. As she takes on America, there are a lot of questions about Dua and her life.

Her song “New Rules” is addictive and, much like her other tracks, feels like an autobiographical account of relationships past. This only increases the speculation about her personal life. Who are the subjects of her songs? Who inspired the iconic lyrics? We all want to meet the man who gave us our new anti-f*ckboy policy.


Dua has dated a few guys, though you may not recognize him. Get to know her exes and the ones that helped her write her list of go-to rules.

Isaac Carew 2015 – 2017


Dua dated Isaac Carew for about 18 months from late 2015 to early 2017. Carew is a fellow Brit, as well as a model and chef. The pair was relatively serious and they were frequently seen out and about together, never shying away from PDA. Eventually, it was rumored that they split because of Dua’s possible fling with Calvin Harris, but this claim was never substantiated and it’s more likely that their hectic schedules and young ages were to blame.

Martin Garrix 2017


From there, Dua dated (and collaborated with) the talented EDM artist Martin Garrix. They made a song together called “Scared To Be Lonely” and were then caught by photographers sharing kisses while promoting the single, which was popular in England. It’s likely that this wasn’t too serious because they weren’t seen together more than a few times, though they only had positive things to say about one another.

Paul Klein 2017 – Present


Most recently, Dua has been in a relationship with singer Paul Klein. Klein is the frontman and lead vocalist at the front of Lany, an electropop band. Dua and Paul have posted some pics together over the past few months, sharing snaps from vacations and New York City dates.



They’re both young and super talented with big futures ahead of them, so it would be amazing to watch them both reach success. If anything, we’re happy to see Dua looking so happy and even happier to know that those rules really do work.

Dua Lipa Lyrics: Best Quotes For Instagram Caption

Dua Lipa Lyrics: Best Quotes For Instagram Caption


Dua Lipa recently broke up with Paul Klein and she is in contact with her ex Isaac Carew.


Dua Lipa is currently dating a chef and model Isaac Carew possibly by violating her “New Rules,” they had dated previously in 2017.