LeBron James Called The President A ‘Bum’ & Twitter Went Wild







After winning the NBA Finals, it has become routine for the winning team to take a celebratory trip to the White House. However, with Donald Trump being in office and our country still very much divided on his presidency, things have taken a turn for the petty.

In a recent interview, Steph Curry responded directly to questions about a White House visit, making it clear that he had no intentions of attending.

Curry’s full response below:

“I don’t wanna go. That’s the nucleus of my belief. It’s not just me going to the White House. If it was, this would be a pretty short conversation. But it’s the organization, it’s the team. It’s hard to say, because I don’t know exactly what we’re gonna do. If we do go, if we don’t, whatever. My beliefs stay the same. So I’ll have a better answer to that once I can understand where the group is too.”

Trump, after hearing Curry’s response to his possible invitation, was clearly offended and in true Trump fashion tweeted about how this made him feel.

What makes this situation all the more comedic and the true icing on the cake was none other than LeBron James’ two cents on the whole situation.

James James replied, “U bum @stephcurry already said he ain’t going! So therefore ain’t no invite. Going to White House was a great honor until you showed up!”

And of course, the internet absolutely loved it.


After many teams declined Trump’s generous offer to go to the White House and celebrate their wins, he finally found a team willing to attend: the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Pittsburgh Penguins have decided to throw their towel into the realm of sports politics, and have since released a statement regarding their decision. Thanks to the Pittsburgh Penguins, the White House visit crisis has been avoided, and the POTUS twitter battles have ended for now.

In the meantime, we can all add “u bum” as our go-to clapback whenever any pettiness occurs.

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