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Summer is officially over and most of us will finish off 2017 with failed New Year’s resolutions and summer body expectations faintly lurking in our subconscious.

It’s almost October and I’ve somehow managed to end the year several pounds heavier and a lot slower, the exact opposite of my resolution. I’ve been struggling and straining with every ounce of muscle left in my body not to unfollow all of the fitness Instagram accounts I so eagerly subscribed to in the beginning of the year, not to delete MyFitnessPal and MealPlan because it’s been months since I last logged a meal. If you’re in the same boat as me, STOP.

Yes, you might have had hot Cheetos for breakfast already, but it’s not too late to get back into a sustainable fitness regimen.

Yes, starting a new fitness regimen can be intimidating. What are Macros? What about body fat percentage?

These Instagram fitness gurus have established training routines for women of all shapes and sizes, and they all have one goal in common: a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Here are five influential women to follow for your lazy day gym-spiration.

1. Jen Selter

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New Monday. New week. New goals.

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Jen Selter is the undisputed queen of belfies. This fitness guru shot to fame in 2014 after photos of her infamous glutes went viral. In 2017, she created a training regimen available on Fitplan, an app that uploads the personalized training routines of more than 25 global athletes and fitness influencers. In the app, you’ll find an eight-week workout plan that consists of five workouts a week, each 40 minutes long. The workouts include instructional photos and videos so you can make sure you have the correct form for each exercise.

2. Madalin Giorgetta

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2016 –> 2017 BOOTY GAINS 🍑 The difference between these two photos is mostly due to the shift from light weight to heavy weights. I still implement light weight, high reps into my workout routine but I include a lot more heavier, low rep exercises. Combining the two yields the best results 👊🏼 But what else makes progress? Consistency. Day in, day out. Set yourself a routine and stick to it. I'm a terrible morning person 😴 My bf has to push me out of bed and I always sleep through the alarm ⏰ but I always get my butt out of bed and make myself put my workout clothes on before my brain has time to compute. I often think of a thousand reasons why I can skip the gym today, and trust me, I have plenty. But I always tell myself this, "if you skip today, it won't make a difference, but skipping 1-2 days a week every week for the rest of this year, that will. So move!" If I skip 1 day, then I set myself new rules, which is it's okay to skip a day if I'm feeling lazy. I don't want that to be the rule. The rule is: always go in the morning, no excuse. That's it. Who else gives themselves a pep talk every morning? 🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼

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This trainer is one of my personal favorites. If you’re like me and into before-and-after pictures so that you can actually see the results of the training program, you need to follow this trainer. Madalin started off her fitness journey by following Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide. After completing the program, she embarked on a quest to gain muscle and definition, and so she began lifting. Madalin has attributed her gains to lifting heavilyheavy and consistently over an extended period of time. On her website, she also provides detailed explanations of her workout routine and nutrition plan, which consists of eating clean and counting macros. If you want booty gains, this is a trainer that you absolutely must follow.

3. Rachel Dillon

Alright, so we know that lifting may sound intimidating to a lot of women. For the longest time, I latched onto my beloved elliptical machine, awkwardly rushing past the weights section at my gym for fear that lifting would turn me into a bulky female version of the Hulk.

I was wrong. As Rachel Dillon will tell you, weightlifting is the most productive way to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. Dillon started off as a cardio bunny like most of us, spending hours at the gym slaving away on the treadmill. Once she started to incorporate weights into her regime, her body really began to change. On her Instagram page, you’ll find a glorious plethora of in-depth workout videos that you can try both at home and in the gym.

4. Tammy Hembrow

Can someone’s entire life be #goals? Is that possible? Tammy Hembrow has two – yes, two – kids and has somehow managed to create a fitness empire motivating young mothers to get back into the gym and leading a healthy lifestyle. Her fitness page touts exercise videos and you can also find an extensive training plan on her website.

5. Whitney Simmons

Whitney Simmons has built a Youtube empire off of her fitness regimen. She posts videos on her channel detailing everything from her fitness journey to her nutrition regimen and workout routine. She’s also hella funny, so follow her if you need some humor to go along with your workout videos.

Now you have five inspirational fitness gurus to follow and no excuse to not get back into working out. Let’s accomplish these goals!

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