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There’s very little chance you don’t remember Corinne Olympios. She was The Bachelor season 21’s resident soundbite, her presence the only thing keeping an otherwise boring season from disappearing back into the classic reality show cheesiness of cliche “connections” and questionable “sparks” (and eventual broken engagements).

Corinne patented the phrase “platinum vagine,” made Raquel a household name and left everyone craving cheese pasta. Even more unusually, Corinne won audiences as she went from the season’s unwitting villain to its genuinely endearing underdog. It’s not often that a TV personality leaves a competition show without the prize and remains even more relevant than the winner.

That said, her turn as a pop culture phenomenon (and eventual businesswoman) wasn’t without its controversies. After appearing on Bachelor In Paradise, she was embroiled in a scandal that left the show suspended and audiences talking. With that controversy came a wave of online harassment, including unwarranted slut-shaming and baseless accusations from unfamiliar parties on social media.

The key to her success, despite all of the controversy, judgment and online harassment? It’s exactly the thing that made us love her in the first place: her dedication to remaining true to herself.

Corinne says that she’s been able to “handle things in a professional way,” and move forward with things under control because of her self-assured nature.

“You just need to stay true to yourself, even when people are trying to bring you down,” Corinne says. “Even when people are trying to make you seem a certain way, you have to be true to yourself.”

Her advice for anyone who’s facing similar circumstances and withstanding their own online hate is to do exactly that. For Corinne, remaining true to herself is a key to professional and personal success.

“Always be yourself,” Olympios says. “Do not let anyone bring you down, no matter how bad they might try to.”

Nobody is bringing Corinne down and as she moves forward into other ventures, she’s confident in the fact that her side of the story was expressed.


“At the end of the day, I never did anything negative,” Corinne says. “Now, I think people can see my side of things… I’m really happy with that.”

The adjustment hasn’t exactly been seamless from The Bachelor to BIP to now, but she says that gratitude and support are the keys to post-fifteen minutes success.

“My life has obviously changed quite a bit,” she admits. “I’m super thankful for all of the positive people in my life.”

Her life will only face more change as she takes on future projects, some of which might surprise you.


“I have two shows I’m working on,” Corinne says. One is a reality show (duh), but the other is actually scripted.

She’s also taking on a whole new industry and you just might see Corinne’s name on the New York Times‘ bestsellers list sometime soon.

Her upcoming book is not a tell-all, she specifies. “It’s about how I came to be my confident self,” Corinne says. She’s hoping to extend that knowledge to readers. Will it also contain a cheese pasta recipe? That’s TBD, but Corinne is always happy to whip some up… Just don’t ask her to cook anything involving dark chocolate.


There’s also a line of charitable sunglasses in the works, but apparel is an industry with which she’s already pretty familiar. Her #TeamCorn clothing line is full of fan must-haves.


Her personal pick from the line is a Yeezy/Pablo-inspired long-sleeved T-shirt that says “I feel like corn,” which sounds like a fall fave and it won’t be too pricey. “Right now, I’m doing a big sale because I’m working on some new stuff, too,” she says, so there is more to come.


As for the next Bachelor, she won’t be trying to find love on the show again anytime soon, but it isn’t because of Arie. “I’m super happy about it,” Corinne says. “I think it’s cool that they’re picking someone from the old Bachelor and they’re going back to their roots. It’s about finding love.”

We also won’t be seeing Corinne and Raquel take on Los Angeles together anytime soon, but she says that her nanny is doing well. “[Raquel] won’t come move in with me in LA,” Corinne says. “She says I need to visit her in Miami more.”

If you ever thought there’d be any forgetting Corinne, scratch that. You’ll be seeing her everywhere soon enough.

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