Counting Down Corinne’s 5 Craziest Moments From This Season Of ‘The Bachelor’

The star of this season of The Bachelor may technically be Nick Viall but the actual breakout sensation from this season is wine and cheese (pasta) lover and shade thrower, Corinne Olympios. Corinne started out the season as the stereotypical villain, causing problems with nearly every other contestant and grabbing Nick’s attention at every chance. Lately (i.e. post-Taylor debacle), Corinne has moved away from her villain role and is getting along with the other girls while throwing hilarious quips every which way.

We’ve been lucky to have Corinne on this season on The Bachelor. Without her, who else would be feuding with other contestants over napping and basically blurt out everything we’ve been thinking? We hate to say it but the show would be a total snoozefest without her.

Corinne The Bachelor

Just because she’s turned over a new leaf recently doesn’t mean she still hasn’t been providing the crazy moments we live for when watching The Bachelor. It’s been a truly wild ride watching Corinne on this season. Let’s take a look at all the craziest, most hilarious and most iconic Corinne moments from this season of The Bachelor.

1. The Not-So-Sexy Whipped Cream Incident


This was pretty early on in the season but the imagery of Nick licking whipped cream off of Corinne is unfortunately still stuck in our minds. Corinne wanted to do something fun and playful for Nick to try and grab his attention. The encounter ended up being a little more awkward than sexy and none of the other girls appreciated Corinne’s… creativity.

2. That Time She Napped & Missed The Rose Ceremony

Corinne The Bachelor

Let’s repeat that: Corinne missed a rose ceremony. That’s a big no-no on The Bachelor. Corinne knew that she was safe for another week after grabbing that week’s group date rose. So, she thought that it’d be cool to just nap through the ceremony. In her defense, one of the other contestants definitely could have woken her up. Still, the Nap Disaster of 2017 was a major reason why many of the girls had beef with Corinne.

3. Clash Of The Reality Titans Between Her & Taylor

Corinne The Bachelor

To say that Corinne and Taylor didn’t get along would be an understatement. The two seriously went at it during a cocktail party mid-way through the season. Taylor told Corinne that she lacked “emotional intelligence,” arguably the buzzword of the entire season, and their feud went to the next level. The first two-on-one date of the season occurred with Corinne and Taylor going head-to-head for Nick’s affections. During their date on the bayou, Corinne asked a voodoo priestess for a voodoo doll, presumably for Taylor-torturing purposes. Yep, Corinne asked for a Taylor voodoo doll.

4. Going To Nick’s Room After Hours…

Corinne The Bachelor

Okay, this quote is maybe one of the most iconic and hilarious things ever uttered by a contestant on a reality show in history. Corinne uttered these words in the most recent episode as she relayed her plan to head to Nick’s room long after their group date, in the hopes of seducing him. The move was incredibly bold and totally Corinne. Nick didn’t end up going for Corinne’s seduction but he did keep her around for the final four.

5. Literally Any “In The Moment” Interview

Corinne The Bachelor

Most of Corinne’s epic (and sometimes controversial) one-liners come when she’s doing one of her “in the moment” interviews directly to the camera. Corinne certainly hasn’t been shy about telling viewers what she thinks about the fellow contestants, comparing foe Taylor to a swamp monster and saying that Danielle L. is “stunning but not much else.” Her comments have ranged from the truly savage to incredibly honest (remember her talking about shoveling up “poopy,” anyone?). We dare say that they’ve even made her the voice of reason… Only sometimes.

Regardless of whether or not Nick ends up picking Corinne in the end, we’re just grateful that Corinne’s made this season exciting to watch. And if he doesn’t pick her, there’s always Bachelor in Paradise!

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