This Beauty Vlogger’s ‘Slave’ Makeup Look Is Wrong On So Many Levels

Screenshot via DailyMail

Turkish makeup artist Percem Akin is in hot water after sharing a photo on her Instagram account in what she referred to as a “slave-inspired” makeup look.

After she posted the photo, the offensive makeup immediately sparked outrage in the comment section, especially when users checked out her caption and the hashtags.

Her caption read: “Color and Pain. My lovely strong black beauty transformation makeup.”

She also put “#slave” and “#blackmakup” into her list of hashtags, which only added insult to injury.

Since then, Akin has made her Instagram account private.

Blackface is something that we all know is just never okay to do. But why do people keep doing it?

Twitter users were quick to call Akin out.

Did this vlogger not get the memo that this is completely offensive? There’s no way she’s late to the party on this one.

Let’s just hope that we don’t have to see anymore of these horrible makeup looks and this officially teaches ignorant makeup artists a lesson: don’t do it. Ever.

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