Ariana Grande Revealed Her Workout Secrets & They’re Shockingly Simple

Finding the time (and the energy) to make it to the gym after a long day at work is really challenging, and probably even more so for celebrities who literally never get a break.

Someone like the beautiful Ariana Grande, who jumps between recording in the studio, touring the world, doing interviews and filming music videos, and somehow still manages to stay in shape when she’s too busy for the gym. Luckily, if you feel too busy for the gym (or can’t afford a gym membership), there are workouts that you can do on your own without any equipment in order to get in shape.

Sometimes, celebrity workout routines aren’t doable since most of us don’t have the world’s best personal trainer or our own chef in the house, but you may be surprised by Grande’s very basic and realistic approach to fitness.

Her number one tip is to make sure to get lots of healthy movement in throughout the day along with a decent amount of sleep and eating nutritious foods.

Grande toldĀ SELF Magazine, “I could do a really hard workout and sit around all day, and not feel as good if I’m constantly moving.”

The pop star’s personal trainer Harley PasternakĀ told the magazine that by consistently working those activities into your lifestyle, you’ll be able to move on to more intense, muscle-sculpting workouts. But when Grande in on the road, her exercise routine only consists of two moves.

Two. Moves.

Her routine consists of walking lunges and glute bridges. Both moves ask for as many reps as possible for two minutes and then repeat three times. The glute bridges will enhance your hip mobility and strengthen your lower back while the walking lunges improve core stability, balance and strength.

These workouts are so basic that there are many ways to make them more difficult as you inevitably get stronger, including lifting a leg up for the glute bridges or doing reverse lunges.

But aside from her toned body, Grande still believes that inner beauty will always win.

“You are beautiful today if you have 10 cupcakes, you’re beautiful tomorrow if you do a juice cleanse,” Grande said. We agree. Cupcakes it is.

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