How To Get 280 Character Tweets Right Now

Twitter is testing the waters on expanding their character limit. Since Twitter was born, tweets were limited to 140 characters, but now that is in the past. A few select users got early access to Twitter’s new, longer and maybe not so improved 280 character limit tweets.

If you’re not one of the lucky celebrities who can now tweet novels don’t worry! You can still finesse your way to longer tweets thanks to this one hack. Juliette Pretot is a service designer and web developer and posted a code that will allow users to access 280 character tweets.

It’s a three step process that is super simple!

1. Bookmark Pretot’s code

Juliette Pretot

Visit her website and drag and drop the link into your bookmarks on your browser. This allows easy access to the code.

2. Sign in to TweetDeck

Tweetdeck giphy

TweetDeck is another platform of Twitter that is very popular. If you’ve never used TweetDeck before it’s super easy. You just sign in using your existing Twitter account and it’ll take you on a step by step guide on how to use the platform.

3. Click the bookmark

Juliette Pretot

Once logged on to TweetDeck, open a new tweet and then hit the bookmark. Then you’ll see your tweet characters grow from 140 to 280 instantly!

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