Twitter Increased The Character Limit For Tweets & No One Is Happy About It

An essential part of Twitter’s social media DNA is that the character limit for tweets is 140, but that is not the case anymore. Twitter announced that they will be doubling the tweet character limits to 280, which is double the length of the old standard.

Twitter users are having mixed reactions to the longer tweets. For starters, writing in 140 characters is an art form so increasing the characters dismantles all of that.

Second, users are upset because there are so many other updates they want from Twitter and longer tweets wasn’t one of them. A nice, and much needed, update would be to edit tweets that have already been tweeted!

Another thing Twitter users have been upset about is the lack of regulation the social media platform has. They don’t regulate or disable racist or problematic Twitter accounts that are harassing other users. There is no standard for abuse on Twitter unlike other social media. Meanwhile, if you show half of a nipple on Instagram your photo gets taken down.

A select group of Twitter users got early access to 280 character limit. Users expressed their feelings about the unnecessary update on Twitter.

Seriously, what do we have to do for an edit button? Beg? Tweet about even more? Even Kim Kardashian asked Twitter for an edit button! What more do they want from us? I guess longer tweets means we can make better arguments for an edit button, but there are more chances for a grammar and spelling error.

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