A Twitter Account Stole This Lesbian Couple’s Photo & Labeled Them Straight









Alexa Willia and Noemi are couple goals for multiple reasons. But their most famous, or should I say viral, reason is because the couple has custom debit cards with their photos on them.

In April, Noemi tweeted out a photo of their debit cards saying, “my gf n i got customized debit card”. Both cards have a kissing photos of the couple on them and they are so cute. Alexa told BuzzFeed News the reasoning behind the cute couple cards, “so we always think about each other’s needs when it comes to spending our money.”

Since April the tweet has gone viral, gaining over 5,000 likes and almost 2,000 retweets. You know a tweet hits viral status when it gets stolen by a well-known meme’s Twitter account. The only problem is that they labeled the lesbian couple as a straight couple.


Twitter was quick to point out that this couple is actually two girls so, there is no boyfriend. Alexa was quick to point out the stolen tweet’s mistake. Also it’s shitty that these accounts don’t give credit to where they steal their tweets from. Is nothing sacred in this world?

“we are LESBIANS” how iconic! Other Twitter users were quick to jump in the fake Twitter’s mention and correct their heteronormative mistake.






Needless to say, the responses to the misgendered tweet are savage. If you’re going to steal someone’s tweet, which you shouldn’t, at least get their relationship right. It’s not too much to ask for.

Alexa said she only saw the stolen tweet when someone tagged her in a response. She told BuzzFeed News that the switch from girlfriend to boyfriend made her upset. Those kinds of Twitter accounts, “are so heteronormative and couldn’t take into consideration it was two girls,” she said. Gay couples can still be couple goals. They do cute stuff too!

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