A Model Got A Tattoo On Her Eye & It Didn’t End Well

Catt Gallinger got a tattoo like any other 24-year-old would, but not in a likely place. The model got a scleral tattoo, which is a tattoo that colors the white part of a human eye. To sum it up Catt got a tattoo on her eyeball.

This tattoo comes at a higher risk than most tattoos because of the placement. Catt’s eye tattoo didn’t end well because it wasn’t done properly and got infected. Now she has gone partially blind and is at risk of losing all of her vision. She shared her story on Facebook to educate everyone on the importance of safe tattooing. Fair warning the photos she posted are not for the faint hearted.

In one of her many Facebook updates she explained how her eye tattoo went wrong. “There is hemorrhage and sclera tearing from the size of the needle used, depth and amount of ink. [The doctors] are also concerned that the equipment was not sterile and that there is an infection stuck in with the excess ink.”

Her doctors recommended her to take photos of her eye while on the prescribed medication to track if it’s helping. The doctors said that her eyesight won’t get better but it could get worse. At the moment Catt’s eyesight is blurry but not completely gone.

Catt is posting about her mistake and giving updates to educate people on the infection and proper tattoo procedures. She has received a lot of hate since her original post. People are criticizing her choice to even get a scleral tattoo, but it’s her body folks so she can do what she pleases.

She has since been posting video updates of her eye health, medical changes and how she is doing in general. As of right now she is seeking surgery to remove the ink from her eye. Her cornea remains undamaged, but it is stressed from the ink buildup.

Please use Catt’s story as a cautionary tale and make sure you do your research on tattoo parlors and tattoo procedures.

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