Celebrities Are Speaking Out In Light Of The Horror In Las Vegas

A gunman opened fire at a country music festival in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday, October 1, killing at least 50 people and injuring hundreds, making this horrific event the largest mass shooting in American history.

Country music star, Jason Aldean was on stage when the shots sent thousands of people running and praying for their lives. Jake Owen, another country singer who was on stage at the time, told CNN that it was like “shooting fish in a barrel” from where he was.

The shooter was 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, who opened fire from his 32nd-floor hotel room at the Mandalay Bay Resort for yet-unknown reasons. Our country is growing with hate and rage towards each other, but now the nation keeps sinking lower and lower in the midst of all this violence. It has become normal to wake up to news of a shooting.

It was only one year ago that the tragic shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando occurred making that the largest mass shooting in America and now we have a new number one. How long will it take for a new tragedy to place first? At this rate, not very long.

As a country, we need to figure out what’s going wrong and where in order to make progress together. Many celebrities took to social media about the event, beginning with Aldean on Instagram.


Other celebrities also shared their uneasiness and sent their prays over to Las Vegas.


Unfortunately, the thoughts are prayers being tweeted don’t change what happened. Let’s work to make change and hope that something positive for our country can come from such a disturbing tragedy.

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