These Videos From Inside The Mandalay Bay Shooting Are Disturbing

The horrific shooting at Las Vegas’ famed Mandalay Bay Resort has stained the face of American history as the deadliest mass shooting since our country’s inception. A gunman, 64-year-old local Stephen Paddock, opened fire from a hotel room in the resort, killing 50 people and injuring hundreds of concertgoers. His motive is not yet known. The tragedy marks a new low in the country’s growing epidemic of violence.

Our culture is often dominated by phones and technology, which means that it is easy for events like these to be captured by those affected as they happen. Disturbing, live footage quickly emerged from the concert, most of it taken by survivors who were simply attempting to capture the concert on Snapchat or Instagram for their own enjoyment, turning citizens’ simple act of habit into a testimony of violence. In addition to the footage from concertgoers, quick news reporters and up-t0-date surveillance videos also captured the tragedy as it unfolded.

It must be said that these videos from inside the incident are incredibly disturbing. They fill social media and are incredibly hard to withstand, especially for those who may struggle with PTSD or other mental illnesses. We caution you not to watch these videos if you feel as though they will put your mental health and wellness at risk. They are hard to see and though it is necessary to remain informed, the footage could be considered very triggering.

As we move forward, let’s hope that change can come from this. No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, we must grow and learn and come to some sort of solution in the face of these horrors. Our thoughts are with the survivors and victims as well as their loved ones.

At an individual level, if this news is difficult for you to cope with or disturbing to you to the point of affecting your health, we urge you to engage in acts of self-care and wellness preservation and/or to consider talking to someone, whether that’s a professional or a trusted loved one.

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