Security Thought Becky G Was A Fan & Grabbed Her Off Of Fifth Harmony’s Stage

Becky G is currently opening for Fifth Harmony on their PSA Tour. The bilingual queer pop singer has been busy touring and promoting the new Power Rangers movie. Despite her climbing the ladder of fame, Fifth Harmony’s security still doesn’t know who she is.

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While 5H was singing “All In My Head,” Becky ran out on stage to tie an Argentina flag around Dinah’s waist, BuzzFeed reports. But before she could reach Dinah security GRABBED her and pulled her off stage.

The incident happened right in front of Normani and you can tell she is like “Um, WTF?” You can hear someone in the crowd go “That’s Becky G!” But she’s saying it with and incredulous tone, like excuse me body guard stop man handling Becky G.


Eventually, Normani and Ally walked over and pulled Becky back on stage. She finally got to wrap the flag around Dinah’s waist and all is well.

They were performing in Argentina so the fans loved the gesture. Becky stayed on stage and danced with the group. Maybe the security guard is super vigilant at his job. But Becky was JUST on stage performing and he didn’t recognize her. Even though he should know who Becky is, watching her get snatched is hilarious.

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