Students In California Were Given Flutes Contaminated With Semen

An investigation is currently underway because semen-tainted flutes were distributed to fourth through sixth grade students across Southern California. NBC Los Angeles reports that the person who has been “accused of inappropriate sexual conduct” has been arrested.

The flutes given out were part of the Flutes Across the World program.  The Orange County Register reported that the nonprofit music program was partnered with school districts in Orange County and Los Angeles and the Philharmonic Society of Orange County. But inappropriate flutes may have been distributed across 13 counties in Southern California.

“The performer distributes a flute-like musical instrument made of PVC pipe or bamboo to students during a music lesson, and the allegation is that he contaminated some of these instruments with semen,” The superintendent or Saugus district, Joan Lucid wrote in an email to the affected children’s parents. The flutes are decorated and colorful so it’s obvious which one are part of the program.

The Orange County Register

Some districts are having the parents turn the flutes over the police for testing. A lot of parents have been quoted anonymously saying how disgusted they are about the whole situation. It’s really messed up.

The schools have said that presenters who aren’t part of faculty are never alone with the children. This incident is causing the Philharmonic Society of Orange County, who sponsored the program in schools, to step back and break their relationship with this program. The perpetrator hasn’t been named due to the investigation.

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