These Are The Best Couples Costumes For Halloween 2017

Figuring out a costume for Halloween can be super stressful, especially when you’re trying to find something for you and your significant other.

You want something trendy, cheap and something that will make you stand out at the party while looking adorable AF. The best couple costumes usually coincide with some sort of pair like peanut butter and jelly, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum or Mickey and Minnie. But those have all been done before.

We have compiled a list of eight culturally relevant costumes for you and your bae that will leave you with plenty of money to spend on decorations, candy and booze.

1. Pregnant Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott

No, but really. For Kylie, you could wear tighter clothing, but with enough room to stuff a pillow under a shirt that shows off cleavage along with pin-straight hair parted down the middle and contour for your face. Also, you could tuck her lip kit (or a pretend lip kit) in a visible pocket. For Travis, super baggy clothing and lots of bling. Check out their Instas for more inspo, but you’ll definitely have people laughing.

2. Old Taylor & New Taylor


“The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now… Why?…’Cause she’s dead.”

The old “Teardrops on My Guitar” country star Taylor versus the “Look What You Made Me Do” chart-topping star. Old Taylor could be a white sundress, curled hair and an acoustic guitar. New Taylor could be all black everything with dark makeup and scrunched hair.

3. Pennywise & Georgie

Scary clown, yellow raincoat and culturally relevant!

4. Bughead from Riverdale


Television’s new favorite couple! For Betty, a preppy sweater (preferably bright pink, mint green or blue) and a slicked-back, high ponytail. For Jughead, a t-shirt with an oversized flannel and of course, a beanie.

5. For those in an LDR, FaceTime screens


Each person can attach a piece of paper to their shirt with their partner’s face on it, decorated to look like the screen on FaceTime. Super easy and super hilarious for long-distance couples.

6. Double-Stuffed Oreos


This is just one of my personal favorites. Each person wears all white and attaches either a pillow or a large piece of oaktag made to look like an oreo to their backs. When you hug, it’ll look like a double-stuffed Oreo! Makes for incredibly cute photos and will definitely make all your friends say “awww.”

7. Netflix Vs. Hulu


Stranger Things versus The Handmaid’s Tale? Incomparable, but a classic rivalry nonetheless. One partner wears red with the Netflix logo and the other wears green with the Hulu logo. Easy.

8. Mia & Sebastian from La La Land


Because who doesn’t love Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling? Definitely a simple idea if one of you can get your hands on a yellow dress.

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