Instagram Copied Snapchat & Now They Are Copying Twitter

Instagram stories were so controversial when they first came on the scene. Everyone downloaded the update and went, “Uh so it’s like Snapchat but on Instagram?” And they were right. Fast-forward and now Instagram stories are a vital tool for brands and are way more aesthetically pleasing than Snapchats. But did you expect anything less from Instagram? They practically invented social media aesthetics.

Instagram just added a new feature it’s similar to Twitter. Now users can create polls on Instagram stories. The feature is super cool and lets users interact with each other in a new and fun way. It’s not a heavy copy of Twitter’s format, but we all know Twitter is the king of polls.


Unlike Twitter, when you create an Insta poll you can see who voted for what. When you vote in a poll, it reveals the percentage for what the other users voted for, but not how many people have voted.


To create a poll take a photo on Instagram and open the stickers. Click on the poll sticker and from there you can write your question and poll options. As of right now you can only make a poll with two options. It’s super simple and a great addition to Instagram. Polls last for 24 hours much Instagram stories. You can view poll results the same way you view who has looked at your story. I have a feeling this feature is going to blow up.

Get polling people!

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