Everyone’s Favorite Makeup Tool Is Giving Back For Breast Cancer Awareness Month







Anyone with an interest in makeup has seen them before. The little, pink sponges are everyone’s holy grail when it comes to makeup tools. They blend foundation seamlessly, they buff out contours flawlessly and they’re often imitated, but never, ever truly duplicated. BeautyBlenders are every makeup artist’s must-have, the go-to when keeping their clients beautiful and their kits stocked.

Well, BeautyBlender is taking things to the next level. They’re partnering with the Look Good Feel Better Foundation and supporting breast cancer patients by giving 50% of all Bubble and Micro.Mini Bubble sales to those in need.

As the company says, “There’s beauty in giving.” You can now blend for a cause.


If you’re not familiar with how to use a BeautyBlender Bubble, it’s super easy. Minimal work for maximum results.

First, wet the sponge. Saturate it in water so that it is damp. You can use it dry (some MUAs do this for powder application), but generally it works more effectively when wet.

Next, squeeze the blender into a sink or other water-tolerant receptacle. Though you want your sponge to be moist, it shouldn’t be soaking your face or so damp that it will remove product.

Finally, bounce. Lightly tap it against your face wherever you’d like it to blend. It doesn’t absorb product, so you don’t have to worry about it moving or stripping foundation, concealer, etc. You can put any liquid product onto the slender tip of the blender. You can use the larger rounded end for loose powders, just use your finger to remove excess powder before application. It will still remain precise and targeted.

After you blend, you can wash the sponge with a cleanser (they have their own soaps that are perfect for it) and then dry it by standing it atop its container lid.

BeautyBlender is embodying beauty with their products and their mission. Happy blending!

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