This New Study Proves Which Sex Position Is The Most Dangerous

The International Journal of Impotence Research recently found out what the most dangerous sex position is and the answer is shocking. The dangerous sex position isn’t anything crazy and is far from out of the ordinary. If you’re sexually active you’ve probably done this position.

Turns out doggy style is the most dangerous position. The International Journal of Impotence Research found that this position causes the most penile fractures. In the study they looked at 90 male patients and the results are telling.


The patients were all men who have suffered from penile fractures and their age ranges from 18-66 years. A staggering 37 of the men had their penis fractured while in doggy style. That is 41 percent of the study and is the highest rated sex position that was listed. The second highest is missionary with 25 percent of the men suffering a penile fracture.

The study didn’t show severity of cases, but just how frequent they occur. Woman on top positions are the safest when it comes to penile fractures.

Penile fractures are rare but they do happen. It’s better safe than sorry, so maybe stay away from doggy style.

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