This Woman Faked Her Own Death To Score A Free Dress

How far would you go to score some free swag? Would you fake your own death? That’s what this one woman allegedly did to score a free LuLaRoe dress.

Yahoo! Style reports, that on Tuesday a LuLaRoe seller shared a wild tale with a Facebook group of other sellers. She messaged the LuLaRoe Facebook group asking if anyone knew or sold anything to this woman Jennifer. Jennifer’s last name and the seller’s name have been blocked out.

The seller said Jennifer messaged her about the Amelia dress. The seller had the dress on hold for Jennifer, but then Jennifer messaged her that her mom has a stroke so it would take some time to pay her for it. Then she received a crazy message that Jennifer died.

Jennifer’s alleged husband messaged the seller saying, “I am going through my wife’s phone,” the message started. “[She] was hit head on by a person texting and did not make it. This is her husband.”

Her supposed husband then asked the seller how much the dress was because he wants to bury his wife in it.

The seller shared screenshots of the message to the LulaRoe seller group. The seller also asked the group if they have ever sold anything to this Jennifer. The seller did some snooping and they found out that Jennifer had four different Facebook accounts and was already in three different LuLaRoe selling groups. That’s why the seller reached out to see if anyone has sold to her before.

The other sellers were curious why the husband was worried about a dress when his wife just died.

The seller thought that Jennifer was just trying to snag a free dress and was playing the sympathy card. So, I’m assuming, another seller from the Facebook group messaged Jennifer saying she won a free dress, “Hey girl! You’re the winner of a free Lula item in my group! Congratulations!”

Jennifer was quick to reply and was so excited about her free swag. That’s when the seller confronted her on her “death.” From there Jennifer claiming everyone was not true and her account was hacked.

Honestly, I don’t think any dress is worth dying over.

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