Lil Wayne Has A Teenage Son That He Didn’t Know About

The Shade Room reports that Lil Wayne may have a teenage son that he didn’t know about. But his baby mama, Keiotia Watson finally posted about her sons father in hopes of him paying child support.

Allegedly Watson hooked up with Wayne back in 2001 and gave birth to Wayne’s son in February 2002.

Watson wanted Wayne to pay child support so she went to court two years ago in 2015. She wanted to establish paternity and Wayne was supposedly ordered to pay her $5,000 for his alleged son.

Wayne has yet to pay up and now Watson is sharing her story on her Instagram. Wayne’s people are saying he never got those legal papers telling him he was a father and ordering him to pay money. But now that he knows that he is a dad, supposedly he is stepping up and taking the paternity test and is going to make things right for his alleged son.

Lil Wayne’s supposed son is 15-years-old and his name is Dwayne. Lil Wayne’s real name is Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., so technically that makes his son Dwayne III.

Watson posted a collage on her Instagram showing that she knows Wayne and the similarities between her son and alleged father.

She even went as far to share a side-by-side shot of the two with the caption, “Like father like son let it be known.” Also, on February 19, 2016 she shared a photo of her son and even went far enough to call him Lil Wayne in the caption.

Lil Wayne has yet to make an official statement about his paternity situation.

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