10 Songs To Add To Your Fall 2017 Party Playlist









Fall isn’t exactly known as the most cheerful or lively of seasons. Though not as morbid as winter, autumn is still all about saying goodbye to the lush greens and warm weather of summer and embracing the new stages of life… and death as the leaves fall to the ground and Halloween decorations make store shelves a little bit spookier.

That said, time stops for no woman and with fall also comes a new school year, new music and new opportunities for fun. Whether you’re celebrating welcome weekend at school, a Labor Day off from work, or even a pre-pre-Halloween party, there’s a soundtrack for every kind of perfect fall night. If you’ve got your best friends, a warm fire, a comfy flannel and the right music, then you know the night will be right.

Here are our must-listen songs for fall 2017, each in the hopes of turning up the party and making every weekend your very best and liveliest yet.

1. “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B


Newcomer Cardi B came out from left field with the sleeper hit of the summer, smashing through Spotify and Billboard charts with one of her very first singles going almost all the way to the top. “Bodak Yellow” is a perfect turn-up jam because it leaves everyone rapping along, dancing and having fun, which is the whole point of a party.

2. “New Rules” by Dua Lipa


There’s no better song for a girls’ night out than Dua Lipa’s first highly-charting U.S. single. “New Rules” is a song about the strength of female bonds, advice and unity, and the accompanying music video is a work of art, one that Dua herself took an impressive amount of initiative in creating. If there’s one to watch, it’s Dua Lipa, and adding this to your chart will ensure your status as the trend-setter of your clique.

3. “Angel” by Fifth Harmony


Fifth Harmony practically defines girl power, so “Angel” is a fun and flirty selection to add to your night’s soundtrack. Though your inner devil may come out (Henny and/or tequila will do that to you), this song is basically heaven with its mix of playfully coy and impressively strong, tough lyrics.

4. “Sorry Not Sorry” by Demi Lovato


Demi Lovato’s “Sorry Not Sorry” is #goals. Not only is her attitude completely confident and badass, the music video sums up exactly the kind of night you’re probably hoping to have. “Sorry Not Sorry” serves as a party anthem with its fun and upbeat tempo, its effortless cockiness and its message.

5. “Boys” by Charli XCX


If you’re just a little bit boy crazy, this Charli XCX song is for you. The music video for “Boys” started trending this summer after it combined every hot guy on earth with poppy, cheery and cheeky lyrics worthy of car-singing or party hopping. This one would make for a great backing track for any dating chats or gossip sessions you need throughout the night.

6. “Dead” by Madison Beer


“Dead” by Madison Beer has a flair for drama, one that seems ready for an Instagram caption or a subtweet. If one of your friends needs to get through a breakup or gain some closure, put this on and let them vent a bit, while also making sure to keep the mood light in preparation for the night.

7. “Boots” by Kesha


We’re so glad that Kesha is back. She made sure to mark her arrival with some certified bops, including “Boots.” This one is good for some silly dancing, a few shots and a good drinking game. Sip every time she says boots? Chug every time you’re so glad to have Kesha’s music back where it belongs: blaring through your speakers.

8. “Mad” by Solange


Solange recently announced that much of the proceeds from her concert tour will go towards Hurricane Harvey relief funding, and she continues to be the queen. It has been so amazing to watch Solange’s growth as a person and an artist as she hit her stride and created her own lane. Cheers to doing the very same for yourself, no matter what year it is or what stage of life you’re in.

9. “Nuestra Planeta” by Kali Uchis ft. Reykon


STOP SLEEPING ON KALI UCHIS. Are you sleeping tonight? No! So do the same with Kali Uchis’ music, including her latest, “Nuestro Planeta.” This track is entirely in Spanish, so if you’re not exactly bilingual then sit this one out when it comes to singing along and simply feel the light, fun vibes at the end of the night.

10. “The Weekend” by SZA


And as the night officially comes to its end, swipe left to the fuckboys and say goodbye to the exes with the helpf of everyone’s fave breakout artist, SZA. “The Weekend” talks about the ups and downs of being in a complicated relationship and it’s hard not to relate to this one.

Just stick with your squad, grab some drunk food and end the night right. There will be so many more nights out to come and we’re so glad that fall has kicked off a new school year the right way!

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