This Couple Revamped A Van & Are Traveling Across America

For almost a year this couple, Lucas and Willa Via, have been traveling the country and living in their van. After they were married for a year, they finally decided to go on an unending adventure together.

Willa wrote on PopSugar that in August of this year they finally made the leap from their Brooklyn apartment to a van. They rebuilt a Sprinter van with some help from Willa’s family, and now they’ve been working and traveling throughout the country.

Living together in a small mobile vehicle has only brought Lucas and Willa closer together. When you live in such close quarters with one person it’s hard to keep anything hidden. “Of course there are times when we’re sick of each other, but the more surprising part is how much we’re both clutching on to this time together as we both know van life can’t last forever,” Willa wrote.

Their new lifestyle has not only made them closer, but they are now more aware of how their actions affect each other. When you live in such a small space every decision, no matter how small, affects the other person.

Ultimately, their tiny mobile living space has changed Lucas and Willa for the better. Even though every moment isn’t perfect, Willa wrote, “Each day we face hundreds of questions and produce even more answers. The likelihood that the two of us will agree on every single one is minimal at best.” But none of their fights last long.

There is no finish line for their van lifestyle and they’re embracing it while they can. Their Instagram makes #VanLife enticing.

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