This Family Sold Everything To Travel Across Australia

Have you ever wanted to just sell everything, get up and go? It’s easy to say that you’d leave it all behind, especially after a bad day or a stressful period, but actually doing isn’t as easy as it sounds. There’s the saying goodbye to the ones you love, the excruciating amount of planning and the whole task of selling your stuff. We all have way too much stuff.

One young couple didn’t let any amount of stuff keep them from pursuing their dreams. Tracy and Rob Morris decided to step out of the suburbs and take on rural Australia, so they sold their home and bought a trailer, bringing along their two kids: Marli, their five-year-old daughter, and Ziggy, their two-year-old-son. Their only connection to their old life is a travel blog, The Blonde Nomads.

Daily Mail/The Blonde Nomads

As glamorous and fun as it may sound to travel wherever your heart desires, the couple admits that it isn’t all wanderlust and photography, especially with two small children in tow.

“We like to be prepared with lots of snacks and activities to keep our mini travelers busy,” they told Daily Mail Australia. “This means we also travel with a lot of bags – so juggling the kids, snacks, activities and all our camera gear can be a challenge at times.”

DailyMail/The Blonde Nomads

Even the beautiful photos of the fam take a little bit of work, with Tracy saying that some of her best shots have come from taking pics “one-handed with a baby on our hip chasing a five-year-old.”

But if the pictures say anything, it’s that their journey is one of a lifetime. Their reason behind it makes the snaps even more meaningful.

Daily Mail/The Blonde Nomads

“Our kids are growing up so fast so we wanted to enjoy them now and believe that creating memories together like this is the most important thing,” the two parents said.

Their goal is to “collect memories, not things.”

Daily Mail/The Blonde Nomads Daily Mail/The Blonde Nomads

Wanting to sell everything and pack up and go is normal, but what isn’t normal is actually doing it. Maybe it’s because the reasons are often temporary or fleeting, but for this rare family that actually did it, the meaning behind their journey is much more permanent and so rewarding.

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