Guy Travels The World With Sign That Says ‘Mom, I’m Fine’–BMER/?taken-by=momimfine&hl=en

Do you have one of those moms that always texts you to ask you what you are up to when you are out at the movies, having dinner or even just showering downstairs?

Well, this guy took a proactive approach to those constant incoming texts from mom.

When Jonathan Quiñonez turned 27 he sold his car, quit his job and booked a one-way flight out for Brussels so that he could travel the world.

His mom encouraged him to travel and embrace his sense of adventure. Quiñonez always makes sure that his mother is in the loop though, and every new place he goes he sends his mom a picture with a sign that says, “Mom, I’m Fine.” This tradition has led to some hilarious results.

He also gets creative about it, having other people hold the sign for him or incorporating it in the background of his pictures.

Check out some of his iconic travel photos and make sure your mom doesn’t read this article because if she does, her low expectations for you might just increase. You go, Jonathan. Your mom is lucky to have you.

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