This Student Created An Instagram To Expose Her Catcallers

Catcalling is nothing new for femme identifying people. Walking down the street has become an obstacle. Even though catcalling has become the norm, unfortunately, not everyone knows how to respond when they are being objectified.

But, 20-year-old student, Noa Jansma is trying to do something about the daily street harassment herself and many others face.

Noa started taking selfies with the men who harass her. She shares those pictures on her Instagram page, Dear Catcallers. Her first posts explained the purpose of the account. “This Instagram has the aim to create awareness about the objectification of women in daily life.”

She continues by saying that many people don’t know how often or when catcalling happens, she is hoping this will shed light that it is a frequent daily thing. The selfie aspect is to flip the power of the situation “By making the selfie, both the objectifier and the object are assembled in one composition,” Noa wrote.

In the one month span that Noa was doing this, she posted 23 photos of 7dqwatcallers. Every selfie shows Noa with an unamused expression standing in front of the catcallers. The caption’s were simple. They would start off with the hashtag #dearcatcallers and then what the catcaller said to her.

In a month Dear Catcallers has garnered over 167,000 followers.  Even though Noa’s month is up she is passing the baton of the account to other females “to show that [catcalling’s] a global phenomenon and that this art-project is not only about me, I’ll pass on the account to different girls around the world,” she wrote.

We are sitting tight and waiting for the new posts. But like Noa says, catcalling is not a compliment.

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