Celebrate National Frappe Day With Our Starbucks Frappuccino Power Rankings & Memes

Going to Starbucks for the first time can be extremely intimidating. First off, you have a hoard of customers that want to get in and out with their complicated orders. Then, you have the baristas who are hard at work trying to get orders out without spilling hot coffee all over themselves. Spelling your name right is the least of their worries. I know the coffee and the company can get overhyped sometimes, but I can’t deny that some of their menu items are pretty good.

Instead of debating the intricacies of coffee beans or the joys of an Americano, today, we’re going to talk Frappuccinos. In fact, October 7th marks National Frappuccino Day, a holiday dedicated to these delicious frozen treats.

Here are our rankings of Starbucks Frappuccinos from the very best to the worst.

1. Maple Pecan Frappuccino


There’s a new flavor in town and I wish it would stay. Starbucks recently released its newest Fall season beverage and I’m loving it. The sweet maple notes are accentuated by the comforting flavors of pecan and brown sugar. It leans a bit more towards the sweet side, and quite honestly I’d love this in a hot latte more than a cold frappuccino, but it’s definitely giving PSL a run for its money.

2. Midnight Mocha Frappuccino


If you love Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mints, then you’ll want to order a Midnight Mocha Frappuccino. The drink features dark chocolate blended with coffee, milk, ice, and mint sugar. The dark blend is broken up with a layer of whipped cream, creating a striking contrast between the top and bottom halves of the drink. If you’re not a fan of overly sweet drinks, then maybe you should try this frappuccino out. It’s absolutely delicious and I’d grab a venti if I were you.

3. Mango Pineapple/Prickly Pear Frappuccino


I’m cheating a little here, but the two flavors really tied in my book. I don’t know why I didn’t think of doing this myself at home. When done right, both frappuccinos taste amazing, provided your barista doesn’t skimp on the fruit. The creme base cuts through the sweetness of the puree. They were a special summer feature, so currently they’re off the menu. Maybe they’ll make their return once the biting winter is over (and once fruit prices come back down).

4. Mocha Frappuccino


You can’t say no to a classic mocha. I’m partial to its white chocolate counterpart, but mocha is definitely one you should try. It’s not as overly sweet as the mocha drinks you’ll find at McDonalds (although their $2 is appealing), so the coffee flavor really comes through. The consistency tends to be a little icy sometimes, but its true potential shines in the fact that it’s highly customizable to suit your tastes.

5. Caramel Frappuccino


Like its mocha counterpart, caramel frappuccinos are classics that you should try at least once. They tend to be on the sweeter side, so if that’s not your thing then I’d lean more towards the mocha. Again, its true worth is that it’s practically a blank slate. Feel free to customize it fully. Add some chocolate or another shot of espresso to kick down those sweet notes a notch.

6. Java Chip Frappuccino


This might have been the first Starbucks frappuccino I’ve tried. The java chip frappuccino tastes pretty good if you want your drink to taste more like coffee instead of milk. The main problem with this one is that the little java chips don’t make for a smooth consistency. In fact, it’ll probably get stuck in your straw, and maybe even your teeth. That aside, it’s worth a try.

7. Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuccino


This classic frappuccino sits on the lower end of our ranked list, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s more like…safe. Too safe. The vanilla bean flavor in the base is sweet but not overpowering. It’s good to order if you pair it with something strong, like a fruit tart. By itself, however? Well, it probably won’t be turning any heads on your Instagram page. You’re better off getting a vanilla milkshake across the street. It’ll probably be cheaper, too.

8. Green Tea Creme Frappuccino


I want to rank this higher. I really do. Unfortunately, my love for green tea doesn’t really match the general consensus. Starbuck’s take on the Green Tea frappuccino is lackluster at most. If you’re unfamiliar with the taste of green tea then the bitterness might be a bit too intense. If you’re a fan of green tea, then you might enjoy how the milk and sugar softens the flavor. All in all, this is more like a ice cream shake compared to an actual frappuccino.

9. S’Mores Frappuccino


Good concept. Bad taste. Fight me.

I love myself the old classic s’more, but it didn’t do that well in a frappuccino. I don’t know. Everyone says they loved it, but it was way too sweet for my tastes. Maybe my barista accidentally put three pumps too many of everything that went into this frap.

The drink features a blend of graham cracker syrup with the usual coffee, milk and ice. Add that together with some mashmellow whipped cream and some chocolate syrup and you get this sugary monstrosity. The taste was extremely sweet, to the point where I had to give the rest to my sweet-toothed sister (who couldn’t finish it either). If you find yourself craving s’mores, you’re better off making the real thing.

10. Unicorn Frappuccino


While it looked appealing in all of our Instagram pages, the taste left much to be desired. Starbucks missed the mark when trying to combine the sweet and sour flavorings in the frappuccino. It gave off more of a sour milk vibe if I’m being perfectly candid. I wouldn’t put this back on the menu unless it went through some more tests in the flavor lab, Starbucks. Don’t release this monstrosity back into the wild until you rearrange some flavor profiles.

Don’t agree with us? Let us know some of your favorite flavors so we can try them out!

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